NINE PERCENT’s Justin is Going to be a Big Brother

Nine Percent's Justin is Going to be a Big Brother

The 17 year old Chinese idol, Justin (黃明昊), won the hearts of many fans when he debuted last year after winning 4th place in the first season of “Idol Producer” (偶像練習生). The Chinese idol has been busy promoting as a member of boy groups, “Nine Percent” and “NEX7.” Aside from music, Justin is a regular guest on many variety shows. In a the first episode of NEX7’s variety show, “Master in the House” (少年可期), Justin reveals his mother is pregnant!

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During an eating segment, everyone starts talking about their siblings. One of the members ask Justin if he is an only child. Justin drops a bomb and shyly says, “My mom got pregnant yesterday.” It turns out Justin had only found out about the good news the day before. Justin started talking more about his mom and said, “She doesn’t act like my mom. She is more like my friend, like my younger sister. It’s like she is growing up with me. We are becoming more mature together.”

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Once the episode aired, many netizens left comments saying Justin and his younger sibling will have an 18 year age gap. No word on whether Justin will be having a younger sister or brother, but many fan girls are wishing they could have an older brother like the idol.

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Watch the first episode on Youtube. Click to 1:04:08 to see Justin make the announcement.

Credit:, Justin Weibo

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