Gao Yunxiang Makes First Public Statement Since Sexual Assault Case

Gao Yunxiang Makes First Public Statement Since Sexual Assault Case

Chinese actor, Gao Yunxiang (高雲翔), has been confined to house arrest in Sydney, Australia ever since being charged for sexual assault last March. He has been keeping a low profile ever since the trial started last year. However, he finally made his first public statement today on Weibo ever since the trial started. It turns out one of the investors, “Zhejiang Talent” is suing the production company owned by Gao Yunxiang and his wife, Dong Xuan (董璇), which had a part in producing one of his series, “Win the World” (巴清傳). Due to Gao Yunxiang’s scandal, the series hasn’t aired and Zhejiang Talent is suing the couple to recoup their investment.

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Gao Yunxiang says in his Weibo post from today: “First, I apologize to you all. In the past year, due to my matters, it has given everyone a lot of trouble. I am deeply sorry for making everyone worry. In order not to use up any more public resources, I decided not to speak on this matter. However, in regards to today’s news, I must emphasize “Zhejiang Talent” is suing me, Gao Yunxiang. The defendant doesn’t include Dong Xuan. Everything started because of me. I have been actively cooperative on this matter. I am thankful to everyone for your support. I really hope my family members and the innocent parties are no longer dragged into this.”

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The case brought by Zhejiang Talent is set to start trial in mid-July. It is unlikely Gao Yunxiang will be attending the trial as he is not allowed to leave Australia for his sexual assault case. It is reported the Chinese courts have already froze the assets, amounting to over 60 million RMB, from Gao Yunxiang and Dong Xuan’s companies.

Credit:, Gao Yunxiang Weibo (1,2), Dong Xuan Weibo

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