Victim Testifies in Gao Yunxiang’s Sexual Assault Trial

Victim Testifies in Gao Yunxiang's Latest Sexual Assault Trial

Gao Yunxiang (高云翔) and Chinese producer, Wang Jing’s (王晶) sexual assault trial held its third court hearing today in Sydney, Australia. The victim testified in court through video conferencing. She recounted the events that went down at Gala KTV and the hotel room.

Gao Yunxiang and Wang Jing Acquitted of All Charges in Sexual Assault Case

She alleged, “Wang Jing used his hand to hold my shoulders. When he came to hold me, I didn’t think it was especially weird at first. Later on, I was getting more uncomfortable. I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back, I changed seats. Later on, he told me to sit near him. When we were almost done at the KTV, he was sitting really close to me. He was getting closer and closer and even tried to kiss me. I avoided it. I didn’t want him to kiss me. He even said, ‘kiss me’.” At this point, the victim was crying profusely, but continued to testify after the judge asked if she wanted to take a break.

Gao Yunxiang Makes First Public Statement Since Sexual Assault Case

Around 2 AM that night, the victim went back to the Shangri-La hotel. The victim alleged Wang Jing was holding her while taking away her laptop. He invited her to his hotel room to chat and said he wouldn’t do anything to her. When she went into his room, she expressed, “Gao Yunxiang came to Wang Jing’s room. After he came, I felt a bit secure because he was very polite and was already married. I thought I could trust him. After all, he knows my father. Later on, Wang Jing said to Gao Yunxiang, ‘I’ll hand her over to you.’ Gao Yunxiang pushed me to the bed and kissed me. I tried to avoid him. Wang Jing came out from the bathroom at this time, started helping Gao take off my clothes and fondled me. He took me to the bathroom. Gao then took off all my clothes and underwear. I said to Gao, ‘No, I have my period. I am using a tampon.’ He didn’t care and made me kneel.”

Gao Yunxiang Escapes Life Imprisonment, Initial Two Charges Withdrawn

The victim continued to cry profusely, but continued testifying. She alleged, “I was kneeling at the time and was forced to perform oral sex.” At this point, she doesn’t remember who pushed her from the bathroom to the bedroom. She continued, “I struggled to climb off from the bed to the floor. I said to them, ‘Don’t do anything to me.’ Wang came behind me…it lasted for about 3-5 minutes. After that, Wang was lying in bed. I said to Wang, ‘I want to go home. Let me go.’ The victim left the hotel and returned home. After discussing with her husband, they decided to call the police and go to the hospital to undergo a body exam.

Credit:, Weibo

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