Gao Yunxiang Escapes Life Imprisonment, Initial Two Charges Withdrawn

Gao Yunxiang Sexual Assault Case Two Charges Withdrawn

Chinese actor, Gao Yunxiang’s (高雲翔) sexual assault case had a court session today.   Prosecution and the two defendants’ lawyers had agreed to give up cross examination of the evidence.  The case will enter into the district court’s schedule for hearing.  Wang Jing (王晶), the other defendant in the case and currently in prison, learned the initial two charges against him has been withdrawn through a translator via video conferencing.  The other eleven charges against him still remain.  His request for bail was once again denied.  Afterwards, the judge announced the first two charges against Gao Yunxiang were also withdrawn.  Hearing for Gao Yunxiang’s third to ninth charges will be held on December 7th.  

Gao Yunxiang and Wang Jing Acquitted of All Charges in Sexual Assault Case

Gao Yunxiang Makes First Public Statement Since Sexual Assault Case

Gao Yunxiang Hit with Seven New Charges in Latest Court Session

Gao Yunxiang and Wang Jin’s initial two charges were “Aggravated Sexual Assault” and “Aggravated Sexual Assault in Company.”  These two charges are the most severe crimes in Australia.  If found guilty, the two charges carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.  

Credit: hk.on.ccGao Yunxiang Weibo