Hu Ge Under Fire for His Comments on Jiang Jinfu’s Assault Case

Hu Ge Comments on Jiang Jinfu's Assault Case

Chinese actor, Hu Ge (胡歌), is getting some heat from netizens for his recent comments about Jiang Jinfu and his admission to abusing his ex-girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura.  Many netizens felt Hu Ge’s comments were supporting domestic abuse.  Here is what Hu Ge originally posted on Weibo: 

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“Something happened today that made me think of him from seven years ago.  On that hot summer day, I saw a bright youngster.  His eyes, his smile, his immature ways that makes everyone laugh — still exist in my memories today.  I once felt that I was looking at myself.  Hearing today’s news, I am very sad.  Regardless of what happened in the past few years, he will always be that bright youngster in my heart.  Alright, I’ve had too much to drink tonight.  I want to say, there’s still a long way to go in the path of life.  When you’ve done something wrong, it’s wrong, but don’t keep falling down.  We still need to know the truth.  I still remember the first time I saw you cry, all because of an action move you didn’t perform well.  He is like that, a child that never grows up.  I am not trying to defend him.  I am just — very sad.”

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According to the Japanese media, Jiang Jinfu told the police he did assault her, but wouldn’t divulge the reasons for doing so and didn’t want to pursue it further.  It was also rumored Haruka Nakaura was asking for 1 Billion Yen in compensation.  Whether the compensation amount changed after initial talks, Jiang Jinfu’s lawyer would not reveal.  

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The CEO of Hu Ge’s management company posted the following on her Friend’s Circle seemingly to diffuse the situation.  Her post reads: “Domestic violence is wrong.  Every person needs to take responsibility for their actions.”  She also said that those who were accusing Hu Ge of supporting domestic violence is being used by others and is another form of cyber bullying.  She also stated they have already let their lawyers to pursue further legal responsibility for those who continue to defame Hu Ge. 

Credit: (1, 2), Weibo