Hu Ge Wants to Get Married Because of His Character in “The Wild Goose Lake”

Hu Ge Wants to Get Married After Filming The Wild Goose Lake

China’s favorite celebrity bachelor, Hu Ge (胡歌), has always been very low profile in the romance department. His only publicized girlfriend was actress, Maggie Jiang. While fans do enjoy his bromance with Wallace Huo (霍建華), he is already happily taken by the lovely Ruby Lin. Hu Ge is 37 years old this year and even his fans are starting to rush him to get married. However, Hu Ge, who seldom ever talks about love and relationships recently shocked fans when he expressed “I especially want to get married” at an event.

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Hu Ge Wants to Get Married After Filming "The Wild Goose Lake"

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Hu Ge has been promoting his new film, “The Wild Goose Lake” (南方车站的聚会). During one of the promotional events in Chengdu, Hu Ge expresed, “Saying this out loud might scare off everyone. After filming this movie, I had a thought, which is I especially want to get married.” Of course fans were screaming and shocked.

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Hu Ge Wants to Get Married After Filming "The Wild Goose Lake"

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He explained his character “Zhou Zenong” (周泽农) was too lonely because after he was released from prison, he didn’t return home in 5 years. He felt his solitary lifestyle was the correct way of living and that his family would be better off if he didn’t return home. Due to the character’s persona, Hu Ge started to follow the lonely ways of his character as he portrayed him. However, Hu Ge calmed fans when he followed up saying, “Of course I hope the dreams come true in the end, but there is still a long way to go.”

Hu Ge Wants to Get Married After Filming "The Wild Goose Lake"

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