Jasper Liu Yi Hao Thanks Yoona for Helping Him Translate

Jasper Liu Yi Hao Yoona Girls Generation South Korea AAA Awards

Taiwanese actor, Jasper Liu Yi Hao (劉以豪), keeps on receiving love from South Korea.  He has been to South Korea several times this year either to promote his work or to receive awards at award shows.  This time he was invited to South Korea’s “Asia Artist Award” (AAA) ceremony, which was held on November 28.  Jasper Liu Yi Hao got the “AAA Choice Award.”  Two days later, he went to Instagram thanking his fans and Yoona, member of K-Pop girl group, “Girls Generation,” which garnered much attention.  

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Jasper Liu Yi Hao talked about his feelings attending “AAA” in both Chinese and Korean.  He said, “Thank you so much AAA and the fans for your support and for giving me the chance to receive this award.  2018 was a year of fate with South Korea, each moment right now is like a dream.  I will try even harder to let everyone see a better Liu Yi Hao.  Thank you everyone.  Thank you, Korean Fans.”

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Shortly afterwards, he posted a picture with Yoona with the following caption: “Thank you so much, Yoona.  She was very considerate to use Chinese to help me translate.  Her Chinese is really good and fluent.  Thanks for your care.”  It turns out Yoona, who recently came to Taiwan for her fan meeting, had mentioned she wanted to collaborate with Jasper Liu Yi Hao.  He had actually responded on Instagram and tagged her saying, “Thank you, I also hope to have a chance to work together.”  

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The two actually did a backstage interview together at AAA.  The two also used Chinese to communicate.  During the interview, Jasper Liu Yi Hao said his Korean was bad.  The reporters then asked him what if Yoona was his Korean teacher.  He said, “Then I would go to class seriously each day.”  Then he quickly lowered his head and said, “No, no, the teacher will…”  His cute reaction led Yoona to laugh heartily.  

Credit: ETtoday.net, Jasper Liu Yi Hao IG

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