Janice Man is Getting Married

Janice Man is Getting Married

Hong Kong actress and model, Janice Man (文詠珊), is off the market. The 30 year old actress, who has been focusing her acting career in China lately, is getting married to her wealthy boyfriend, Carl Wu (吳啟楠), after five years of dating. The wedding will be held at a castle in Lake Como, Italy on October 12. When Apple Daily reached out to Janice Man, she responded back saying, “I won’t say much right now. Thanks to everyone for their concern.”

Janice Man and Carl Wu Hold Second Wedding in Lake Como, Italy

Janice Man Decked Out in Gold for Hong Kong Wedding

According to Apple Daily, the couple is keeping the wedding intimate, only inviting their nearest and dearest. It is said Janice Man wanted to keep the wedding small and considered the trouble in having elders on both sides of the family travel so far for their wedding. After discussing with their families, they decided to have another wedding banquet in Hong Kong for their relatives and friends.

Carl Wu, 35, is said to be a good catch as he is the third generation carrying the family fortune. His family has a history of being in politics and is well known for their businesses (duty free shops), in Shantou, China. It was also reported Janice Man was busy filming and promoting her series in China while preparing for the wedding. Carl Wu would purposely travel to China to discuss the wedding plans with his fiancee since she didn’t have time to travel back to Hong Kong.


Janice Man confirmed the engagement on July 4th saying: “Thankful to have you (formal) for the rest of my life.”

Credit: Apple Daily (1, 2), IG