Karena Ng is Single Again

Karena Ng is Single Again

Hong Kong actress, Karena Ng (吳千語), has been busy focusing on her career in China. In a recent interview with Apple Daily HK, she revealed that girls should have their own career. As for her romantic life, she says she is still looking for the one and claims she is single. It looks like she and Brian Sze (施伯雄) are no longer a couple.

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Karena Ng got up close and personal with Apple Daily and says at this point in her life she is very clear on what she wants in life. She said, “I slowly realize women need to be their best in society. Career wise, know what you want to do for yourself. When I have a family in the future, I want to continue my career. That’s why I have to work hard now.” When asked if she is putting romance aside, she responds, “It is actually a form of wisdom. How to manage a relationship isn’t easy. It isn’t one sided. Both parties need to compromise. At this point, if I have a chance to date, I hope to find someone who understands me. If he doesn’t, it’ll be hard for us to be together.”

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When asked if she has returned to being single, Karena Ng admits, “Yes, I am single. I don’t want to say too much now. When I reach another point, I will reveal more.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Karena Ng IG