Theresa Fu Takes Turns Romancing Karena Ng and Adam Pak in ViuTV’s “Iron Ladies”

ViuTV’s new series, “Iron Ladies” (熟女強人), is set to debut on September 28. The cast of the series attended a promotional event for the series on September 23rd. The series revolves around the lives of 7 women from different walks of life exploring marriage, divorce, infidelity, homosexuality, dating, motherhood, and other issues a modern faces today. Myolie Wu, who plays a sex therapist in the series, was absent from the event.

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Karena Ng (吳千語) plays a bisexual pastry chef in the series. Theresa Fu revealed she will come between Karena Ng and her boyfriend, “Howard” (played by Adam Pak (栢天男), who runs a pastry shop with his girlfriend. She will have kiss scenes with Theresa Fu (傅穎), who is the one that makes the advances. Karena Ng shared, “The director told us to kiss longer so we did 3-4 takes, but it wasn’t awkward.” On whether she has kissed girls in real life, Karena Ng said, “Yes, tried it taking pictures with friends. It really isn’t awkward kissing girls. It’s actually awkward with guys.”

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Theresa Fu and Karena Ng

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Theresa Fu joked that she treated herself like a man while filming. She said, “So when I see Karena, I’d act manlier.” Theresa Fu will also have kiss scenes with Adam Pak and felt very divided. However, she did say that Karena Ng was a better kisser. She also joked about Adam Pak’s beard hurting her when they were doing the kiss scenes.

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Adam Pak

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When asked if her boyfriend, Brian Sze, would watch her kiss scenes, Karena Ng responded, “I will tell my friends to watch it. Some friends said girl kiss scenes are very hot.” Karena Ng also denied having a baby and the urge to have one as she is busy and doesn’t have patience to take care of it. She also denied rumors her boyfriend bought a love nest to prepare for their wedding next year. Karena Ng said, “It’s fake. I didn’t consider this. A lot of people are getting married in their 30’s. I still have a few years. I have too many things I want to do. A lot of friends have to give up their lives for a bit after having children. I want to live for myself a little longer.”

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