Wong Kar-wai Gets Greenlight on “Chungking Express 2020” Remake

Wong Kar-wai Gets Greenlight on Chungking Express 2020 Remake

Wong Kar-wai’s (王家衛) 1994 film, “Chungking Express” (重慶森林), which starred Brigitte Lin (林青霞), Tony Leung (梁朝偉), Faye Wong (王菲), and Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武), remains an iconic classic film today. Tony Leung earned Best Actor accolades at the Hong Kong Film and Golden Horse Film Festivals that year. On September 23, it was announced Wong Kar-wai’s submission filed in April to remake “Chungking Express 2020” was approved by China’s NRTA to begin filming.

The new storyline of “Chungking Express 2020” is set in Hong Kong during the 90’s. The broken-hearted police officer, 223, meets a blonde haired female killer. The two spend a warm night together. At the same time, the life of another heartbroken police officer, 663, gradually changes when a “dreamer” breaks in. In Chongqing 2036, the young “Xiao Qian” and “May” are unwilling to be bound together by genetic pairing and want to find their own destiny.

The cast hasn’t been revealed yet. A netizen had reportedly spotted Wong Kar-wai in Chongqing province last November. It’s presumed he was scouting out places for the movie. When hk01.com reached out to Wong Kar-wai’s production company, Jet Tone Films, on whether they were in the process of doing prep work for filming, they responded, “No comment at the moment.”

Credit: hk01.com, Weibo