Fan Chengcheng Attending “Idol Producer 2” Finale

Fan Chengcheng Attending Idol Producer 2 Finale

Chinese idol Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞) debuted as a member of Nine Percent and NEX7 through the first season of “Idol Producer” (偶像練習生) in 2018. He was in Hong Kong along with the members of NEX7 for their first concert there on March 30. During the concert, Fan Chengcheng talked about his upcoming activities. He surprised the audience when he said he would be attending the finale taping of “Idol Producer 2” (青春的花路), which will be held on April 6th, also Nine Percent’s one year debut anniversary.

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Fan Chengcheng has also been busy filming four variety shows. When asked why he’s on so many variety shows he says he’s afraid the audience will get bored easily. He also jokingly says that he noticed some of his fans have left. So he said he has to go on more variety shows to get them back. Aside from variety shows, he will be busy spending most of his time filming dramas in April.

Credit:, Sina Ent, Fan Chengcheng Weibo

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