Update on China’s “Costume Drama Ban”

Update on China's Costume Drama Ban Weibo_03.27.19

Last week’s viral rumor stating that China was going to be implementing a ban on all costume dramas sent everyone, including the media industry, into a frenzy. The ban was supposed to be in effect immediately until the end of June. If implemented, the ban would include genres such as “wuxia, fantasy, history, mythology, time travel, biography, palace struggles, and all costume dramas.”

China Rumored to be Implementing New Ban on Drama Remakes, Restrictions on Characters and Storylines

China Rumored to be Implementing Ban on Period Dramas

The latest news reports that the strong opposition and reactions the ban caused has led the Chinese National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) to meet with the three major online platforms (iQiyi, Youku, Tencent) to discuss the ban. Based on these meetings, the NRTA has reconsidered the ban and has implemented a new set of restrictions.

Starting from April onwards, period dramas can resume airing, but must follow three new rules: “Before the 15th of each month, each online platform must go through the local NRTA bureau in accordance with their monthly airing schedule plan. The frequency of costume dramas must be regulated and proportionate. “Realistic” themed dramas must account for 60% of the broadcast plan. If the online license is not obtained, including the issuance license, the star’s license, the record, etc, then the drama cannot be scheduled for an air date or announced.” It is reported the three major online platforms have already signed an agreement on the new terms with the NRTA.

Credit: hk01.com, Sina Ent, Weibo

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