Arnold Kwok Charged with DUI

Arnold Kwok Charged with DUI Instagram

TVB actor, Arnold Kwok (郭子豪), enjoyed a surge in popularity after filming last year’s mega hit drama, “Life on the Line” (跳躍生命線). However, he was caught driving under the influence during the early hours of March 27. There was a routine police check and after taking a breathalyzer test, he was found to be over the legal drinking limit almost by double the amount. When Oriental Daily News reached out to Arnold Kwok for a comment, he said, “It wasn’t me. I am at home right now. I didn’t drive all night.” However, TVB confirmed that Arnold Kwok had already alerted them of the news already, but after that, they haven’t been able to contact him.

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However, hours later, Arnold Kwok contacted reporters again and changed his tune. He says, “I am deeply sorry for yesterday’s incident. As this is already being handled by the authorities, I cannot comment much. I will fully cooperate with the police and their investigation and take full responsibility. As for my response to the reporters this morning, I was in a chaotic situation and said I was at home, didn’t drive. At the time, my thoughts were all over the place. Also, my family didn’t know about the situation yet. I didn’t want them to worry. So I didn’t think carefully and gave that response, which caused the misunderstanding. I must apologize again for my actions. I promise I will be more cautious and drive safely. I won’t let my mistakes impact others.”

Arnold Kwok also posted an Instastory expressing his apologies:

Credit: (1,2), Arnold Kwok IG