“Life on the Line’s” Arnold Kwok Not Relying on Family Fortune

TVB Arnold Kwok Life on the Line

TVB’s anniversary series, “Life on the Line” (跳躍生命線), helped revived some of the station’s former glory.  Not only did it break 30 points in ratings, but it also brought awareness to the series younger cast mates.  Arnold Kwok (郭子豪) is probably the most recognizable out of the “Life on the Line” F4 members due to his build.  Even though he has mostly played dumb-jock roles and gives the impression of being aloof, he is actually quite intelligent in reality and also comes from a wealthy family.  

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Arnold Kwok went to La Salle College high school, which is reportedly an elite school in Hong Kong.  It is said he also excelled in academics at La Salle.  After graduating, he went to the Imperial School of London to study Mechanical Engineering.  Aside from excelling at academics, Arnold Kwok’s family is also well off.  His father works in the wholesale fashion industry.  The family lives in a luxury home in the Tai Po district.  

In order to have some personal space, Arnold Kwok moved out and rented an apartment in the swanky Mid-Levels district.  It is reported the rent is around 30,000 HKD a month.  He decided to join TVB and not rely on his father’s wealth. In addition, he is also interested in the behind the scenes work in the film industry.  He even invested his own money to start a production company and normally accepts filming work.  

However, his first love is probably weightlifting and bodybuilding.  Aside from being an actor, he is also a personal trainer.  He recently joined a fitness competition.  To prepare for it, he trained hard and adhered to a strict diet.  At one point, his body fat was only 3%! Alas, his efforts weren’t in vain as he won first place in the competition. 

He seems to be a man of many talents as he is now tackling comedy with his convincing portrayal of F4 member, Vanness Wu.  

Credit: HK ULifestyle, Arnold Kwok IG

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