Watch “Life on the Line’s” F4 Challenge “Meteor Garden” in Parody Video

TVB's Life on the Line Bob Cheung Arnold Kwok Matthew Ho Joey Law Meteor Garden F4 Parody

The F4 of TVB’s “Life on the Line” (跳躍生命線) decided to take on the Taiwanese F4 and “Meteor Garden” in this parody.  Bob Cheung, Arnold Kwok (郭子豪), Matthew Ho (何廣沛), Bob Cheung (張彥博), and Joey Law (羅天宇) portray F4 to sing the theme song for “Life on the Line.”  Check out the video on SeeSeeTVB’s Facebook account and the outtakes at the end of the video.  The video to date has already garnered over 540,000 views.  

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This is who the “Life on the Line F4” was portraying: 

Matthew Ho – Vic Zhou

Joey Law – Jerry Yan

Arnold Kwok – Vanness Wu

Bob Cheung – Ken Zhu

Arnold Kwok put extra effort as he taped his eyes back to mimic Vanness Wu.  Out of the four, Arnold Kwok is the most recognizable as a member of the real F4.  

Credit: See See TVB FB, Bob Cheung IG