Joe Ma Cheers on “Life on the Line” Female Co-stars to Wear Bikinis to Celebrate High Ratings

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TVB’s anniversary series, “Life on the Line” (跳躍生命線) aired for two weeks and has been achieving good results with ratings breaking 30 points, which is a rarity for TVB series nowadays.  When asked if there will be any celebrations from the young cast if the series reaches 35 points, Joe Ma (馬德鐘) says, “There should be.  They represent youth and energy.  Reaching 35 points is not impossible.  The later half of the series will reach the climax.  There will be a lot of rescue scenes making everyone reach the edge of their seats.  Looking back at my lines in the last episode, I said there must be hope and miracles.  When we were filming, I didn’t feel anything, but watching it now, I was so touched that I cried.”  

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Wearing Bikinis to Celebrate Ratings Success

Someone suggested the female co-stars from the series, Moon Lau (劉佩玥), Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), and Kelly Cheung (張曦雯) to wear bikinis to celebrate the ratings success.  Joe Ma’s response to this, “This is a must.  Pinky Cheung (張文慈) is actually very fit too.  Even though she plays my sister in the series, but her image is also very eye-catching.  So the four of them together should try to pump up the ratings before the finale.”  As for getting an award, Joe Ma expresses he doesn’t have high hopes.  He says, “I might not have the chance to say these words during the awards, so I’ll take this opportunity to say it now.  I hope the whole cast and crew can appear on stage together to win and receive the “Best Series” award.”  When asked about a possible sequel, Joe Ma says if there is need, he will try his best to accommodate it.” 

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As for Matthew Ho (何廣沛), he was dared by Jeannie Chan to go to the beach and live up to his end of the deal for the ratings success.  When asked about this, Moon Lau says, “I thought you were filmed swimming naked at the beach.”  Matthew Ho explains, “Arnold Kwok (郭子豪), Bob Cheung (張彥博), and myself went to the beach and filmed a clip of us all wet.  Arnold Kwok said he would reveal three points, but he lied to the audience and only reviewed his nipples plus his belly button.”  Matthew Ho also says he’s trying to get the female actors to do something if the series reaches 35 points.  Moon Lau says, “I am scared to promise anything.  Matthew can reveal three points.  I haven’t worn a bikini since the Miss Hong Kong pageant.  It’s too much stress.  I am shy and very traditional.  I’m afraid my mom won’t like it.”  Matthew Ho says that it’s even more refreshing since she hasn’t worn it in a long time.  Then Moon Lau mentions that he should charter a yacht and wear some more eye catching bikinis.  Matthew Ho makes fun of Moon Lau for liking yachts and being more free on them as she was reportedly caught last month kissing rumored boyfriend, Adrien Chow (周志文), on a yacht party.  

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Watch the clip of Arnold Kwok’s three points:

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