Intimate Pictures of Aaron Yan with Male Partners Released, Accused of Dating Three Men at the Same Time

Aaron Yan Cheating 3 Male Partners_Mirror Media

Taiwanese celebrity, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), has been dragged in a scandal as a local tabloid magazine, Mirror Media, released private and intimate pictures of the idol with three male partners on November 7.  The pictures show Aaron Yan kissing the men, one even in bed.  Apart from the pictures, a conversation with one of the men was also released.  Aaron Yan says in the messages, “If you want to break up, then let’s break up.  Live your life well.”  This wouldn’t be the first time Aaron Yan was accused of being gay.  He came out in support of legalizing gay marriage in Taiwan and reporters once asked him if he had a boyfriend.  

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Aaron Yan Blasts Netizen for Asking Him if He is Gay

It is reported by the whistleblower that Aaron Yan uses the same dating tactics to chase after the men.  He would play the guitar and sing in the room to each of them.  Male A revealed to ETtoday that Aaron Yan private messaged him when he saw his post about his break up on a social media site.  They started talking and it eventually lead to a relationship.  Male A also reveals that Aaron Yan would do anything to see him and that distance was nothing to him.  

Aaron Yan and Lai Kuanlin Show Brotherly Love to Wu Zun

Introducing Boyfriend to Friends for the First Time

According to Male A, he says Aaron Yan once said to him, “After all these years, I hope we can become stable with each step.  Support each other while we mature.  We will definitely have hardships, but we must also communicate.”  He also once said to Male A, “I want you to be my other half, my boyfriend, my best friend, my lover.  I also look forward to us becoming a family in the future.  Are you willing?”, which got Male A emotional and immediately replied back, “I do.”  

Three Fourths of Fahrenheit Had a Mini Reunion

Male A says that sometimes when Aaron Yan goes on a work trip, he would also buy a ticket for him so they could be with each other.  He even said Aaron Yan once brought him to a friend’s gathering and introduced him as his significant other.  Aaron Yan told him this was the first time he brought his boyfriend to a entertainment circle gathering.  Because of his status, the couple couldn’t reveal their relationship, but Male A was never bothered by this.  However, things started changing two years later when Male A said Aaron Yan started becoming cold and mysterious.  He eventually found out he was being cheated on.  

Reporters Ask Aaron Yan if He has a Boyfriend

Reporters reached out to Aaron Yan’s manager for a response and he says, “Aaron’s hairstyle in Picture A isn’t from 2018, so the timing is not right.  There is no such incident of him cheating on three men in one year.  As for these false accusations, we will let our lawyers handle it.”  

Aaron Yan Issues Official Statement

Aaron Yan came back from Beijing to Taiwan today.  Reporters were surrounding him with the questions at the airport, which he didn’t answer.  After meeting with his company, he decided to release an official statement:

Aaron Yan Clarifies His 2014 Statement “Fahrenheit Aren’t Friends”

“I am very sorry for not handling my private affairs well.  It is unfortunate it had to be revealed this way.  I truly treat each person wholeheartedly, but I am a normal person.  I also have a lot of weaknesses and the feelings that normal people have.  Relationships will always have its ups and downs.  If you don’t handle it well, there will be a lot to learn from.  I don’t want to be suspicious and guarded when I am getting to know a person.  I have revealed my most vulnerable self to the spotlight.  

Male B Comes Forward to Defend Aaron Yan, Says He Still Loves Him

I once gave my true feelings to someone, but when it ended, I didn’t handle it well causing the situation to turn into what it has become today; this I didn’t expect.  I apologize to those I have caused pain.  I will learn from this and become a better person.  I sincerely apologize to the people who were dragged into the news and were hurt, sorry.  I am also sorry to my family, friends, and fans, who have supported me all the way.  I also thank my company, HIM, for tolerating and respecting me.

Wu Zun Says Everyone is Overthinking into the Rumors of Aaron Yan Being in Love with Jiro Wang

Wu Zun and Aaron Yan Finally Reunited Years After Fahrenheit Disbanded

Those who have helped me along the way, I will always remember.  I will also take this lesson as a guide to help me mature.  I am also very sorry for wasting everyone’s precious time and valuable life to watch my ordinary and unworthy of everyone’s precious time’s private life.”  

Credit: (1, 2), Mirror Media

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