Wu Zun and Aaron Yan Finally Reunited Years After Fahrenheit Disbanded

Wu Zun Aaron Yan Reunited

The two best looking members (E/N: in my opinion), Wu Zun (吳尊) and Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), of now disbanded Taiwanese idol group, Fahrenheit, reunited at last for a celebrity basketball game in Shanghai yesterday.  The group was formed in 2005 with four members, Jiro Wang (汪東城) Calvin Chen (辰亦儒), Wu Zun and Aaron Yan.  Fahrenheit disbanded in 2011 when Wu Zun left the group to go solo and focus his career in China.

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Although the two were on different teams, eyewitnesses said the two had a lot of close interactions and were having fun.  Fans were screaming in pure excitement.  Netizens even said, “I hope to live long enough to see all members of Fahrenheit reunite.”  Other notable celebrities participating in the basketball game include, Kris Wu (吴亦凡), Dylan Wang (王鹤棣), breakout star of the 2018 Chinese remake of Meteor Garden, Bai Jingting (白敬亭) and others.  In the end, Aaron’s blue team beat Wu Zun’s red team 61 to 60.

Wu Zun Aaron Yan Reunited

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Aaron once said out of all the members, he only kept in touch with Wu Zun.  He also mentioned only Wu Zun ever treated him like a partner and goes on to say Jiro and Calvin are not his friends.  A lot of netizens realize the idea of the four reuniting together as Fahrenheit would be very hard. 

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Credit: Apple Daily TW扒圈速报 Weibo, 鸢时初一 Weiboba哥专用 WeiboAsia Entertainment News Channel and iQiyi

3 thoughts on “Wu Zun and Aaron Yan Finally Reunited Years After Fahrenheit Disbanded

  1. Awww a reunion would be awesome but seems unlikely given Aaron’s feelings about Jiro and Calvin. I didn’t know there was so much drama bts. I am still amazed Wu Zun was already a husband and father when he was in the group.

    1. Yeah, props to Wu Zun for being able to keep it a secret. But even more props to the paparazzi that have always claimed he was married with a child.

  2. I totally agree…Wu Zun and Aaron are the best looking members haha Wu Zun doesn’t look like he aged much.

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