Calvin Chen Joins Wu Zun’s Birthday Party as a Special Guest, Performs Fahrenheit’s “Love You More and More” Together

Wu Zun Calvin Chen Fahrenheit Wu Zun's 39th Birthday Shenzhen

Bruneian actor and former Fahrenheit member, Wu Zun (吳尊), celebrated his 39th birthday on October 10.  He held a birthday party with his fans in Shenzhen today.  His former teammate from Fahrenheit, Calvin Chen (辰亦儒), was also in attendance as a special guest.  The two performed Fahrenheit’s “Love You More and More” (越來越愛), which was the first time they performed together since Wu Zun left the group to go solo.  While the two were performing, the group’s music video was playing in the background.

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Even though the other two members, Aaron Yan and Jiro Wang couldn’t make it, they filmed a video that was aired at the party, giving the fans a semi-reunion.  Many netizens left comments saying, “Hearing Wu Zun sing is so surprising,” to “Oh my god, the first boy band I ever followed.” to “You guys are the the out of print poster of my youth.” 

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Wu Zun Calvin Chen 39th Birthday Party in Shenzhen
Credit: Wu Zun Weibo

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Wu Zun Calvin Chen Aaron Yan 39th Birthday Party in Shenzhen
Credit: Wu Zun Weibo

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Wu Zun Calvin Chen Jiro Wang 39th Birthday Party in Shenzhen
Credit: Wu Zun Weibo

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In a recent interview, Wu Zun revealed, “Family will always be first to me.  So the decision to leave the group was one I needed to make.”  Aaron Yan had responded to his comments in another interview and said, “That time he was already near 30.  He felt he shouldn’t be shaking his butt anymore.  He couldn’t continue dancing to “I Have My Young” (我有我的young) with the rest of us.” 

Credit:, Wu Zun Weibo