Christine Kuo Thought Fiancé, William Lok was an Uber Driver

William Lok Christine Kuo Wedding Pictures

Hong Kong actor, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), is getting married to race car driver, William Lok (陸漢洋) on October 19th.  The two are having their wedding at the Beas River Country Club in Hong Kong with a fairytale theme.  The couple already took their wedding photos in France, Canada, and South Korea in May this year.  Christine Kuo is actually a quarter Korean, so it was her job to be the tour guide and bring William Lok around South Korea.  

When William Lok first heard of the fairytale theme, he thought it was childish.  Once he heard Christine Kuo explain how their story was like a fairytale, then he changed his mind and helped plan the fairytale wedding.

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The two also revealed the funny story behind how they met.  Because Christine Kuo grew up overseas, she didn’t know William Lok was actually a bachelor.  When they first met, she thought he was an Uber driver and even asked him to teach her about cars.  William Lok says she doesn’t care about social ranking, which left a deep impression on him.  He also says because of her kindness, it made his hot-headed personality turn soft like a pillow, no longer getting angry easily.  

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Even though in Christine Kuo’s eyes, William is still chauvinistic, he wouldn’t get jealous if someone is hitting on her.  He would say to himself, “Don’t waste your time.  You don’t have a chance, she’s mine.”