Wang Zi Shows Support for Stephy Tang’s New Drink Shop, Stephy Tang Not Opposed to Flash Wedding

Stephy Tang Sip Tea Taiwan Store Opening

Ever since Hong Kong artist, Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣) admitted to being in a relationship with Taiwanese artist, Wang Zi (王子) in July of this year, the two have been very high profile.  Stephy Tang was caught visiting Wang Zi in Taiwan last month and even appeared together in Paris Fashion Week earlier this month.  The have not been shy about showing PDA on their Instagram accounts either. 

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Although the two are in a long distance relationship with Wang Zi in Taiwan and Stephy Tang in Hong Kong, the two might have more chances to see each other now.  Stephy Tang attended the grand opening of her new drinks shop called, “Sip Tea”, in Taiwan today.  Even though Wang Zi was not present, he made sure to send flowers to support.  According to Apple Daily TW, Stephy Tang reveals Wang Zi doesn’t have a stake in the drinks shop, but she did ask him for advice on store locations.  Wang Zi even shared a picture of him visiting the shop and trying the drinks out.
Stephy Tang thanking Wang Zi for sending flowers and the creativity in the message
Wang Zi trying on Sip Tea and promoting the store opening

When asked if she wants to have a wedding in Paris, Stephy Tang reveals, I like to be more natural, where we get married is not important.  I am a “spur of the moment” kind of person, wherever we think of at the moment, then we’ll go and register for marriage.”  She also says she wouldn’t be opposed to having a flash wedding one day. 

Tomorrow is Stephy Tang’s 35th birthday and she reveals this year is special because she is spending it in Taiwan, whereas she would be spending it in Hong Kong previous years.  She also reveals she doesn’t have high expectations for her birthday.  She only wants to spend it having dinner with her good friends and the person she likes, referring to Wang Zi. 

Credit: Ming Pao, Apple DailyNewShowBiz完全娛樂

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