Wang Zi and Stephy Tang Step Out as a Couple in First Public Appearance

Stephy Tang Boyfriend Prince Wang Zi LUISVIAROMA Paris Fashion Week

Ever since Taiwanese artist, Wang Zi (王子) and Hong Kong artist, Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣), announced their long distance relationship earlier this year, they haven’t been shy in showing off public display of affection (PDA).  At one point, Stephy Tang was drastic enough to unfollow everyone from Instagram except her fan clubs and boyfriend, Wang Zi.  When asked why she did it, she claims she just wanted to control the accounts she wanted to follow.  However, she has since added more followers again.  

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Today, Wang Zi and Stephy Tang both posted the same picture on Instagram of the two together at the LUISAVIAROMA fashion show in Paris.  While the two don’t say much, Stephy posted this caption: “We had a great time.  Thank you for having us.”  The highlight of their posts is the hashtag highlighted in red. Stephy’s hashtag says, “This handsome guy looks familiar.” while Wang Zi’s hashtag says, “This lady looks familiar.”  The caption caught many netizens’ attention with some of Wang Zi’s fans even greeting Stephy Tang as “Hello Sister-in-law” on her post.  

Credit: Stephy Tang Instagram, Wang Zi Instagram, Apple Daily