Celebrities Asked to Refund Wages Due to China’s New “Salary Ban”

Celebrities Asked to Refund Wages Due to China’s New “Salary Ban"

Ever since Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) tax evasion scandal with her “yin-yang contracts” came to light, the Chinese government has cracked down on the egregious salaries celebrities are commanding for their appearances in variety shows.  Recently, the Chinese National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) set a new restriction stipulating artists cannot charge more than 10 million RMB per season for variety shows.  If the wages exceed the threshold amount, the difference will be returned to the respective television station.

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It’s reported the NRTA is taking this step to thwart celebrities committing similar tax crimes in the future.  The artists rumored to be impacted the most by this new rule includes Faye Wong (王菲), Shu Qi (舒淇), and Vicki Zhao (趙薇).

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Rumor has it, Taiwanese actress, Shu Qi and Chinese actress, Vicki Zhao each received 50 million RMB to film Chinese variety show “Chinese Restaurant 2” (中餐廳2).  With this new rule in effect, both actresses are required to refund 40 million RMB each to Hunan TV.  It has also been said the two have already been contacted to return the wage differences.  As for Faye Wong, it has long been circulated that she commands 100 million RMB in appearance fees, which was the price Hunan TV paid for her comeback on “PhantaCity” (幻樂之城).  She, too, will need to repay Hunan TV a difference of 90 million RMB.  

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It has been reported Vicki Zhao is well versed with the countries policies that once she was contacted to return the wages, she immediately complied with the television station and returned the money.  While Shu Qi seemed reluctant and unsure at first, it took a phone call from Vicki Zhao to convince her to return the wages.  

Credit: hk01.com, Weibo (1, 2)