Netizens Envious of Faye Wong’s Daughter Flaunting Parents’ Wealth

Netizens Envious of Faye Wong’s Daughter Flaunting Parents’ Wealth

Canto-pop queen, Faye Wong (王菲) and her ex-husband, Li Ya Peng’s (李亞鵬) daughter, Li Yan (李嫣), is already 12 years old.  It seems the young Li Yan is already a celebrity in her own right.  She became a hot topic among netizens recently for flaunting her parents’ money with two of her rich friends.  A picture of Li Yan with her two friends shopping at Chanel in Hong Kong was uploaded by her friend, Paris Zhou (周巴黎), on Weibo, who attends the prestigious Wellington College in Shanghai.  

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It is said the girl on the left is Chinese musician, Wang Feng’s (汪峰) eldest daughter, Wang Manxi (汪曼熙), with his ex-wife, Ge Huijie (葛薈婕).  In the middle is Paris Zhou and the girl on the right is said to be Li Yan.  The picture is no longer on her Weibo, seemingly due to the backlash and attention from netizens.  It is reported Faye Wong brought the trio to a Chanel store in Hong Kong shopping for two hours and spent over 100,000 HKD.  That same night, the three uploaded clips showing the damage they had done earlier in the day, seemingly flaunting their wealth.  A lot of netizens were criticizing the three young children flaunting their parents’ money.

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Li Yan also had some mixed reactions from netizens when a fan snapped a picture of Faye Wong and Li Yan coming out of their hotel in Hong Kong.  In the picture, Faye Wong is seen holding a Jansport school bag while Li Yan is all decked out in name brands.  

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Paris Zhou had also shared a live clip of them eating breakfast in an executive suite in Hong Kong, which was said to cost over $700 USD a night.  The clip shows her complaining about the hotel breakfast not tasting good.  Later on, the trio are seen taking a private helicopter going to Macau, which is a coincidence as Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) was working in Macau at that time.  Netizens thought it was Paris Zhou’s father’s private plane, but she clarified it wasn’t theirs, just that her father had chartered a helicopter for them to go to Macau.

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Credit:, Apple Daily,, Phantacity Weibo