No Birthday Wishes from Yang Mi for Hawick Lau This Year, Breaks Five Year Tradition

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Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau (劉愷威) turned 44 today.  Following tradition that has gone back five years, his wife and Chinese actress, Yang Mi (楊冪), would always wish him a happy birthday on Weibo either when the clock struck midnight or at 11:59 PM on October 12.  However, this year, there was no birthday wishes from Yang Mi on Weibo, breaking the five year tradition.  Just when we thought the Hawick Lau and Yang Mi marital rumors died down, the inactivity from Yang Mi is now spurring on the rumors again.  

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Last month, the divorce rumors were rampant again when a female fan named, Britney, went on a Chinese social media site and made an allegation that Hawick Lau and Yang Mi were already divorced two years.  In addition to that, there was no well wishes from Hawick Lau on their wedding anniversary, which is also something he used to do in the past.  During the Mid-Autumn Festival earlier this month, there was no sign of Hawick Lau or their daughter when Yang Mi posted a picture of herself wishing everyone a happy holiday.  Fans also discovered Hawick Lau didn’t wish Yang Mi a happy birthday on Weibo either.

No Sign of Hawick Lau in Yang Mi’s Mid-Autumn Festival Picture

On the night of the 12th, Yang Mi was actually attending a charity event hosted by Bazaar magazine.  She was also active on Weibo on the 12th and 13th interacting with fans.  A netizen reported Yang Mi quickly changed once the event was over and headed straight to the airport with her assistant.  Some speculated she was heading back to Hong Kong to celebrate with Hawick Lau.  However, a netizen had posted a picture of Yang Mi attending the Ping Yao International Film Festival.  

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