Darren Chiu of “The Little Nyonya” Chinese Remake Says He’s Better Looking Than Pierre Png

Darren Chiu Xiang Yun Malaysia Chinese Remake The Little Nyonya

Taiwanese actor, Darren Chiu (邱凱偉), was in Malaysia on the 11th of this month to attend the blessing ceremony for the Chinese remake of popular Singaporean series, “The Little Nyonya” (小娘惹).  When reporters asked him how his version of the character beats the original version, Darren Chiu jokingly responds, “I’m better looking.”  Darren Chiu plays “Chen Sheng” (陳盛), who was portrayed by Singaporean actor, Pierre Png (方展發), in the original version.  You might recognize Pierre Png as Astrid’s sexy husband, Michael, from “Crazy Rich Asians.”

China is Remaking Popular Singaporean Series “The Little Nyonya”

Aside from learning Nyonya culture, Darren Chiu had to learn the lyrics to the Malaysian poetic song, “Bandun” (班頓).  Although he had spent more than six years going to school and living in Singapore before, this would be the first time he is exploring deeply into Nyonya culture.  Darren Chiu says he spends over two hours each day rehearsing the song.  He has trained so much that when he called his wife one time, she asked him why he has an accent, making Darren Chiu feel like he has succeeded.

Darren Chiu also got to taste some of the traditional Nyonya culture food during filming.  This has made him look forward to starting work everyday.  It’s gotten so bad that he had to instruct the crew members to restrict him from eating so much sweets and to watch his health.  

Credit: ETtoday.net, Xiang Yun IG

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  1. I agree. It seems like Ju Xiang and Chen Sheng are more compatible. Actually, I did not expect that the later episodes will be revolving about Ju Xiang’s duaghter. I did not expect Ju Xiang’s character to end in episode 12. I hoped for a better / tragic story of her and Chen Sheng. Hays. I like Chen Sheng’s character, especially played by Darren Chiu. ❤️✨👏

  2. I think Darren is more charismatic and suited for the role in the remake. He and Ju Xiang are both compatible looking together too!

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