Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng Got Married!

Calvin Chen and Joanne Tseng Got Married!

Calvin Chen (辰亦儒) and Joanne Tseng (曾之喬) shocked everyone today when they announced on Instagram that they got married! How did they go under the radar of the mighty Taiwanese paparazzi? This is the second Fahrenheit (飛輪海) member to tie the knot. Apparently, the two have already known each other for 10 years. Their rumors started 2- 3 years ago when they were spotted spending the night together and eating dinner with each other’s parents. However, the two had always maintained they were just “good friends”.

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Calvin Chen’s message reads: “My life is entering the next chapter. It’s not considered early, but every person has their own pace, right? We got married. In 2020, responsibilities will be heavier. Thank you to all the family and friends who have accompanied us along the way. This journey contained happiness and tears. Thank you for your concern. Thank you for your blessings. In the new year, wishing everyone to get better. Happy new year, the most important, be healthy!”

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Joanne Tseng’s message reads: “We got married. We’ve known each other for a long time. Mister Chen witnessed me transform from a girl to a woman. He also accompanied me along the way. From today onwards, I am Ms. Tseng and also, Mrs. Chen. There are a lot of people who love us. Thank you to everyone for your concern and blessings. We will live our lives well, continue to support each other, grow together. This is a new page in our lives. Please take care of us.”

Calvin Chen’s manager revealed they registered their marriage on the 22nd. Everything was done very low key. Calvin Chen only told him about it in the middle of the previous night. The two met while filming and then started dating after being set up by friends. They had separated for a short period of time due to their busy lives, but reconciled after the both of them matured. Calvin Chen is 8 years Joanne Tseng’s senior.

As for the proposal, Joanne Tseng revealed, “He proposed at his home. He invited a lot of family and friends and hid my best girlfriends. Afterwards, they all came out and surprised me. It was very touching and warming.”

Joanne Tseng’s frequent on screen partner, Prince (Wang Zi), congratulated her and said, “It feels like I’m marrying off my daughter.”

Credit: UDN Stars, ETtoday, Joanne Tseng IG

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