Reporters Ask Aaron Yan if He has a Boyfriend

Aaron Yan Fahrenheit Instagram

Taiwanese artist and former Fahrenheit member, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), was at a yoga event today.  After the event, one particular reporter was pretty clever and asked if he did splits, but the word for doing splits in Chinese (劈腿) is also a homonym of the slang expression for cheating.  Aaron Yan was quickwitted and said he doesn’t do splits nor does he cheat.  

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Then the same reporter directly goes in for the kill and asks how long Aaron Yan has been single.  The reporter goes on to praise Aaron for his good looks and then asks him, “Do you have a boyfriend?”  The reporter plays it off as if he made a mistake, but he probably meant to say it as Aaron Yan has been rumored to be gay before.  Thankfully, he laughs it off and gives him an excellent response, “Male or female is fine.” and reveals he has been single for about three years.  

Credit: Apple Daily TW, Aaron Yan IG

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  1. Really people does it really matter .if he is gay you are not paying his bills and when you do you can voice a appending….till then f off hope atom yang has a beautifull life.also puff kuo

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