Aaron Yan Pens Heartfelt Post on Cyber Bullying Stemming from Sulli’s Passing

Aaron Yan Pens Heartfelt Post on Cyber Bullying Stemming from Sulli's Passing

The world was left shocked and devastated today when it was reported Korean singer and actress, Sulli, had passed away. She was only 25 years old and the official cause of death hasn’t been released yet. Sulli was the target of cyber bullying in recent years when she became very outspoken on her social media platforms. People around the world left all sorts of comments mourning the loss of Sulli and brought up the death of SHiNee member, Jong Hyun, who committed suicide in 2017. There were some comments that got the attention of Taiwanese artist, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸).

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Aaron Yan posted a long message on Facebook after the news of Sulli’s death. He started off the post with, “[Comments like] ‘Such a pity’, ‘Why would she choose this method?’, ‘She is my goddess.’, can I urge everyone not to be shallow in expressing their opinions? This incident is so worthy for us to examine ourselves.”

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He continues on to say, “To this day, a lot of suicides stem from cyber bullying. How often do we change our stance to sympathize with a victim that we might have hated originally or attacked when a life is lost?” Aaron Yan continues on to say that series like “Black Mirror”, “13 Reasons Why”, and “The World Between Us” (我們與惡的距離), are often warning us not to underestimate the verbal abuse of cyber bullying. He also condemns people who make verbally abusive comments under the guise of “freedom of expression” and reminds people it doesn’t include “defamation, rumors, and lies”.

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Aaron Yan finishes off the post saying, “Change is a long and painful journey. However, if we’re unwilling to even take this first step, then let alone ‘change.’ Please give hope to the world. Don’t care about what others do, start to change yourself.

If these words look like rubbish to you, then just treat it like nonsense. It’s okay, but I really can’t take it when every time a person who can’t bear it anymore and chooses to end their life, there would be voices saying, ‘Why would you choose this decision?'”

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Aaron Yan is no stranger to cyber bullying. He was caught in a scandal last year when intimate pictures of him with three men and details of their relationships were exposed. He recently mentioned how this incident has caused him a lifetime of trouble because of people asking him details about it.

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