Aaron Yan Blasts Netizen for Asking Him if He is Gay

Aaron Yan Blasts Netizen for Asking Him if He is Gay

Last November, Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) was embroiled in a scandal when pictures of him being intimate with three men were released by a Taiwanese tabloid. Fortunately, there wasn’t much backlash and everything returned to normalcy after a short while. However, a recent incident angered Aaron Yan so much that he put this netizen on blast with a screenshot of the exchange that went down on his social media accounts.

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On the 25th, Aaron Yan uploaded a screenshot of a direct message he received from a netizen saying, “Hello, I want to ask you a question, which is, you’re a homosexual, right?”. Aaron Yan responded back to him, “Hello, I want to ask you a question, which is, what the hell does it matter to you?” He also added a label on the screenshot saying, “Gender equality education fail”.

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He posted the same picture on Facebook, but added an additional caption saying, “Gender equality education can’t wait. Thankful to Mirror Media for giving me a lifetime of trouble.” Mirror Media was the Taiwanese tabloid that first leaked Aaron Yan’s story and past relationships with men.

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After this was posted, his fans left comments such as, “There are some people who don’t just lack gender equality education, but even also basic respect, they don’t understand. Giving these type of people even a response or a glance is a waste, not even worth ruining your mood. Gege, you will definitely get better.”, “Very helpless and speechless.”

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As it turns out, this isn’t the first time Aaron Yan addressed bullying over sexual orientation or gender equality. There was a prior incident where a male student had said some sexual bullying and gender discriminatory words to another male classmate who was said to be “delicate”. At the time, Aaron Yan had expressed, “This is why I urge everyone to face bullying, pay attention to gender equality education so we can have an even more civilized society and be even more inclusive and respectful of people’s qualities.”

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Aaron Yan has been vocal on civil and societal issues in the past. He had previously attended rallies in support of legalizing gay marriage in Taiwan. He would often post on social media about human rights and equality for all.

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Aaron Yan Blasts Netizen for Asking Him if He is Gay
Aaron Yan at a 2016 rally to legalize same sex marriage in Taiwan
CR: Mirror Media

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Credit: ETtoday, Aaron Yan FB, Aaron Yan IG, Mirror Media

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  1. We dont have the right to judge one’s personality, all of us wants our own private life to be a private, so give it to aaron yan his own private life, so wether he is a gay or not its his own life, as long as he give good happiness to the people through his acting ang singing…

  2. No matter if he is or not..we will always support n stay with him forever.. Please don’t interfere his private life..

  3. I mean they shouldn’t have even asked him that in the first place but like Aaron actually responded and even if it was “blasting” them I mean I’d be fine with that because again he responded which also means he noticed their existence and most people won’t ever get that.

  4. Seriously ppl why cant you leave aarons private life alone its not our business what he does he is amazing in everything but for his private life that is for him to decided Aaron yan thank you for all you do and for your music and acting have made my days brighter. #1fan in usa

  5. What is important is that Mr.Aaron is a excellent actor and a singer .that’s is his private life .if he is gay or not is notnobody’s business. And for his parent i wish i have a son with that talent..and if he is gay be proud if him.

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