Janice Man Decked Out in Gold for Hong Kong Wedding

Janice Man Decked Out in Gold for Hong Kong Wedding

Janice Man (文詠珊) and her boyfriend of 5 years, Carl Wu (吳啟楠) officially got married today. Back in April, the couple was first rumored to be getting married in Lake Como, Italy on October 12. However, Janice Man didn’t confirm the rumors until July. Before the wedding in Italy, the couple did the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and had their Hong Kong wedding at the Peninsula Hotel.

Janice Man and Carl Wu Hold Second Wedding in Lake Como, Italy

Janice Man is Getting Married

During the tea ceremony, Janice Man and Carl Wu were dressed in traditional Chinese wedding gowns. Janice Man was decked out in gold and expensive jewelry. It’s reported her earrings are from Tiffany’s and worth close to 3 million HKD.

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Janice Man was also teary eyed when they were reciting their vows. When she spoke to reporters, she said, “I was really touched. I didn’t think I would cry at first.” When asked about their baby making plans, Carl Wu said, “Let nature take its course.” While Janice Man said after the wedding, she has to immediately go back to work and will leave it up to nature. As for their honeymoon, they will traveling throughout Italy with their family.

When talking about their wedding in Italy, they will be having the “wedding door games” there. Janice Man revealed she is worried her bridesmaids will prank Carl Wu and busted his fear of cockroaches. However, she does say that they will go easy on him so she’s not worried.

Credit: Apple Daily HK (1, 2), IG