China Says No More “Flowery Pretty Boys” on Screen

Nine Percent Cpop Ban

The latest rumor coming from China is an alleged new ban on “Flowery Pretty Boys” or “Gay/Effeminate Artists” (娘炮藝人 )* from appearing on screen.

A netizen has reported CCTV will not be inviting any “flamboyant or effeminate” male artists from today onwards.  This has stirred up a lot of discussions among the public as to what constitutes as “flamboyant or effeminate.”  Even popular idol group, Nine Percent, is impacted by the new regulation as they were set to appear on CCTV’s Mid-Autumn Festival gala.  They are no longer on the performer’s list for the show.

China is Now Banning Male Artists from Wearing Earrings on TV

A popular Chinese gossiper “娛樂大咖阿湯哥” reports CCTV produced an educational show inviting young male entertainers to boost the show.  A lot of comments are regarding how pretty the male guests are with one particular comment saying, “I thought they were young females.  They’re actually young males.  Are you teaching us how to be “flamboyant/effeminate?” 

Update on China’s Effeminate Ban, More Groups Included

A list of the male entertainers on the CCTV educational show
Credit: 娛樂大咖阿湯哥 Weibo

iQiyi Has Announced Season 2 of “Idol Producer”, Angering Nine Percent Fans

Regarding the “Flamboyant/Effeminate Ban”, many netizens reactions range from “What the hell is this?” to “This news is coming down fast” to “I am feeling conflicted.” 

*”娘炮” is an offensive slang term to describe effeminate or flamboyant men.

Credit: ETtoday.net娛樂大咖阿湯哥 Weibo

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  1. *facepalm* SMDH. A lot of young entertainers have pretty boy looks so they cant appear onscreen until they grow out of their looks? Interesting to see how this plays out.

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