Yoga Queen Coffee Lam Moving On Up to Tseung Kwan O?

Coffee Lam Pregnant Buying Property

Ex-TVB artist and now thriving yoga queen, Coffee Lam (林芊妤) is currently 7 months pregnant.  Coffee was seen at Kowloon Bay today visiting a model show room presentation for new building complex, “LP6” (康城).  It looks like Coffee’s yoga moves and exercise tips are paying off as she submitted a  ticket to draw the lottery* in hopes of purchasing a unit.

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Coffee reveals to Apple Daily, a real estate agent introduced this property to her and after reviewing it, she felt it was suitable so she submitted a ticket to draw the lottery.  When reporters asked if this property is considered a wedding gift from her husband, Coffee laughs and responds, “He doesn’t know about this.  Our finances are separate.  I’m buying the property as an investment.  Maybe I’ll tell him tonight.  But this is not a wedding present.  Why would there be such a thing? Also, I don’t like people buying me things.  I like buying things for myself.”  

Although Coffee reveals she might not be lucky to draw a ticket in the lottery.  She says, “It’s okay.  The previous property I bought was for living.  My family is living there right now.  Since this is close to my home and the neighborhood seems pretty good, so I submitted a draw.”  When asked if had other goals if she is not successful in buying the property, Coffee reveals, “No, if I can buy it, it’ll be a birthday present for myself.  If not, it’s fine too.”

*In Hong Kong, property is such a hot commodity that interested buyers have to draw the lottery for a chance to buy property. 

Credit: Apple Daily

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  1. Wow the HK real estate market is sooo competitive that u cant buy an apt even if u have the money. She seems to be doing very well for herself since leaving the entertainment industry.

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