Netizen Accuses “Yoga Queen”, Coffee Lam, of Having Breast Implants Because of This Action

Netizen Accuses "Yoga Queen" Coffee Lam of Having Breast Implants Because of This Action

Former TVB artist, Coffee Lam (林芊妤), is known for her fit body and yoga exercise routines that she even made a career out of it. After giving birth to her son last October, she quickly bounced back to her pre-pregnancy body. She often posts videos of her son on Instagram to share with her viewers. However, there was a video she posted on September 19, that got the attention of a netizen, but for the wrong reasons.

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Coffee Lam posted this video of her holding her son and trying to get him to kiss her, but he wasn’t having it. She posted this caption with the video, “He’s so young and he’s already letting people eat lemons.” However, a netizen was focused on her son stepping on Coffee Lam’s chest. The netizen said, “The breast looks like there is a water bag mark (水袋印).” Coffee Lam thought the netizen typed the wrong character and responded, “Chickenpox mark? (水痘印)”. The netizen responded back, “Your breast has a water bag mark.”, implying Coffee Lam had breast implants.

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Netizens started defending Coffee Lam and left comments. Coffee Lam also responded back saying, “Breastfeeding will make your breasts look like this. I am just squeezing milk out. If it was fake, kicking it like that will easily burst.” She also responded to other netizens saying, “It’s fine. Thinking about it, I don’t understand why I am debating about whether it’s real or not. As long as I know, it’s fine and he/she has already believed in her/his own thinking. What am I supposed to do? Take off my shirt and let them see it?”

Credit: hk01, Coffee Lam IG