Coffee Lam Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Coffee Lam Husband Baby Boy Photoshoot

Yoga Queen and former TVB artist, Coffee Lam (林芊妤), gave birth to a healthy 7 pound baby boy today.  She posted a picture of her “coffee baby” on Instagram.  Through an interview with Apple Daily, she revealed she was attending a friend’s birthday party, but had to immediately go to the hospital.  She says, “I was already in the 37th week.  I was ready to give birth any minute, but I had a bit of spotting.  Even though I’ve had spotting during my pregnancy, my doctor was worried I had placenta previa due to the bleeding.  Since I was ready to give birth,  my husband and I decided not to wait for a natural birth.” 

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On her feelings about breastfeeding, Coffee Lam says, “I don’t really know how to do it, but I caught on quick.  You actually need to work with the baby.  The baby needs to learn how to suck on the nipple and I have to learn how to make it easier for him to suck on it.  Because I wasn’t producing any milk at first,  I had to squeeze my breast really hard to pump the milk out.  I was squeezing it really hard until milk came out, not caring about the pain.  I’m pretty diligent about it, I want him to drink more milk because they say breast milk is the best.”  

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When asked whether her husband went into the delivery room to cut the umbilical cord, Coffee Lam says, “The doctor cut the long one.  My husband cut the short one.  He was really funny, he said the cord was kinda hard.”  On who the baby looks like, Coffee Lam hesitantly said, “He looks like my husband.  The ears look like mine.  Everything else looks like my husband more.  Long hands, long legs, he is big for 37 weeks.”  She also revealed she was nervous so the doctor gave her a sedative.  When she woke up, the baby was already born.  As her husband is the calm type, he didn’t cry either.  Tho two haven’t revealed the name yet.  

Credit: Apple Daily, Coffee Lam IG

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