Netizens Praise RTHK’s “Elite Brigade IV” for Being Sincere

RTHK Elite Brigade IV Cover Photo

RTHK’s firefighter series, “Elite Brigade” (火速救兵) has already spanned four installments.  The previous three series which aired in 2010, 2012, and 2015, all earned rave reviews.  The fourth installment rightfully called “Elite Brigade IV” (火速救兵 IV), started airing on the 13th and has already earned praises from netizens.  The series stars a stellar cast including, Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒), Stephen Au (歐錦棠), Wong He (王喜), Power Chan (陳國邦), Frankie Lam (林文龍), and Gregory Wong (王宗堯), 

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In the first ten minutes of the episode, a firefighter from Stephen Au’s team is trapped on a cargo ship trying to put out the fire.  Stephen Au, being the team leader and supervisor says a courageous tagline, “We are one team.  However many people go in is however many people come out.”  After saying this line, the team rush in to save Tony Ho (何華超).

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RTHK Elite Brigade IV First Episode Stephen Au Saves Tony Ho
Credit: RTHK

Later on in the episode, it shows Stephen Au and his team are investigating gas leaks in a public housing estate seven years later.  One of the apartments has an electronic device spark up leading to an explosion.  Stephen Au,  who was standing outside that apartment is blasted away and hanging onto the railing on the 13th floor with one arm.  Tony Ho reacts quickly to grab onto Stephen Au, but his back is exposed to the fiery flames before he can lift Stephen Au up to safety.  As a result, Tony Ho suffers from serious injuries and is in the hospital, making Stephen Au feel very guilty.

RTHK Elite Brigade IV First Episode Tony Ho Saving Stephen Au
Credit: RTHK

It was reported this scene took over three and a half minutes to film in one shot.  In the end of the episode, Stephen Au is transferred to become an instructor at the training academy and deals with a rebellious student, setting up the story for the next episode.  

Credit: Apple Daily,, Elite Brigade IV FB