Cecilia Liu Shishi Rumored to be Three Months Pregnant

Nicky Wu Liu Shishi Pregnancy Rumors

The 31 year old Chinese actress, Cecilia Liu Shishi (劉詩詩), met her Taiwanese actor husband, Nicky Wu (吳奇隆), who is 17 years her senior, in 2011 through the hit time traveling series, “Scarlet Heart” (步步惊心).  The series catapulted everyone’s career, especially Nicky Wu, who became a household name in China.  Cecilia Liu and Nicky Wu went from reel to real and got married in 2015.  However, because of their busy schedules, marital rumors are always rampant, but the two are always showing their PDA and affection, knocking down the rumors. 

Nicky Wu Announces Cecilia Liu Shishi’s Pregnancy

 Cecilia Liu Shishi Avoids Pregnancy Questions in First Public Appearance Since Rumors Started

Chinese media outlets are now reporting Cecilia Liu Shishi is three months pregnant with boy/girl twins.  It was reported Cecilia Liu Shishi was last seen in public at a promotional event in June.  Since then, she hasn’t been captured in public, fueling the pregnancy rumors.  However, there are also rumors that she is in the US going through IVF treatment, which has resulted her body becoming bloated and making her not want to reveal her face. 

Scrolling through Cecilia Liu Shishi’s Work Studio’s Weibo account, there is a recorded clip of her promoting the “China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival.”  It is only recorded from the chest up, so there are no clues to confirm the rumors.  The couple have not commented on these rumors. 

Credit: Apple Daily, hk.on.cc

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