Demo Song for “Youth With You 2020” Thematic Challenge, “No Company”, Reportedly Sang By CL

"Youth With You 2020" Theme Song, "No Company" Demo Reportedly Sang by CL

In the 9th week of “Youth With You 2020” (青春有你2), the remaining 35 trainees had their third public performance. Aside from “LION”, the “No Company” (不奉陪) stage was also a hot favorite from fans because of the sensual and groovy nature of the song and dance moves.

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Snow Kong was voted by netizens to get an additional 100 second performance time this week. For her performance, Snow Kong is dancing to an English demo of the song “No Company”, which caught the attention of many netizens. After some digging, many netizens pointed out the singer of the English demo is actually CL of former K-pop group, 2NE1.

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It’s reported the demo was sold to another company and later licensed by iQiyi to use in “Youth With You 2020”. What do you think about CL’s demo version?

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Credit: Weibo (1, 2), CL IG