Elaine Yiu Not in a Rush to Find a Partner

Elaine Yiu Not in a Rush to Find a Partner

TVB actress, Elaine Yiu (姚子羚), was dragged into a cheating scandal last year with her then boyfriend, Raymond Young. At the time, someone had released intimate pictures of Elaine Yiu and Raymond Young. In addition to that, a phone conversation was allegedly leaked of Elaine Yiu talking to another mistress of Raymond Young’s. Elaine Yiu was being painted as the third/fourth party in her relationship as it was initially reported Raymond Young was still married to Sarika Choy, which was not the case. Elaine Yiu had clarified that she had already broken up with Raymond Young and that when she was dating him, he was already separated from his wife, Sarika Choy.

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In a recent interview with Ming Pao, Elaine Yiu was asked if she would be more careful in selecting potential suitors because of the incident with Raymond Young. She said she would let nature takes its course and didn’t want to talk about the relationship anymore as it was in the past. She is 40 years old this year and says she is not in a hurry to find her other half. She expressed, “Just because I want it, it doesn’t mean it will happen. He has to be fitting to my eyes and you only will know if someone is suitable after getting to know each other. Timing is also a factor. Last year, I pretty much spent all the major holidays working. The other person needs to be understanding of my lifestyle.” When looking for a partner, Elaine Yiu emphasized it all depends on feelings.

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On having kids, Elaine Yiu wants to have them and is opened to freezing her eggs. She expressed, “It’s best if it can happen naturally, but I don’t mind doing it. It’s better to do it when you’re younger.” However, she hasn’t adjusted her body yet and is keeping an open mind that she might not need to freeze her eggs.

Credit: Ming Pao, Elaine Yiu IG