Toby Leung and Husband Welcome Their Baby Boy

Toby Leung and Husband Welcome Their Baby Boy

Toby Leung (梁靖琪) and husband, Jonathan Sze, welcomed their baby boy, Roman Sze (施睿文) on December 27. Jonathan Sze first posted about the good news on his Instagram account. Toby Leung shared the good news on New Year’s Day.

Toby Leung Announces Pregnancy

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This Christmas & New Years has been a very special one to me. Not only is it the most favourite time of the year for me, but one of my main life goal’s was accomplished too. I am proud and grateful to announce the birth of my son; Roman Sze (施睿文), born on 27th December 2019, weighing 8.6 pounds! I had a whole delivery plan mapped out from the beginning, but I can now say, none of it went according to plan. But one thing I know, is that sometimes, as much as you try to plan something, it is never in our control, but God’s! I am so thankful for His blessing to us of this baby boy @romanszeeee ! After 16 hours of intense labour, my husband and I decided to opt for an emergency c-section, and I am thankful to all the doctors and nurses at Sanatorium hospital who helped us deliver our gorgeous boy. To my husband – thank you for never leaving my side, for sticking with me throughout every hour of the process and to then even stay with me & our son the whole 5 days and nights in the hospital. You are the rock of our family and I love you so much! The moment when I saw you hold our son for the first time, I could not stop crying, knowing that you are going to be such a good dad. Lastly, to all mother’s out there and especially to my own mum, I love you and I am so grateful to you. You all are so dedicated, strong and powerful. I am truly so happy and excited for 2020!!!! Wishing everyone the best New Years. Lots of love, The Sze’s #FamilyOf3 #MyFamily #BabyRoRo #HappyNewYear #2020

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Toby Leung and Jonathan Sze Tied the Knot

Toby Leung revealed after going through 16 hours of labor, she and her husband opted to have an emergency C-section. She gave birth in Hong Kong.

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