Toby Leung’s Father Confirms Her Pregnancy

Toby Leung's Father Confirms Her Pregnancy

Hong Kong actress, Toby Leung (梁靖琪), got married a second time to her non-celebrity husband, Jonathan, back in June. At the time of the wedding, Toby Leung had revealed she and her husband hopes to have two children. Lately, there have been pregnancy rumors circulating around Toby Leung. It’s reported Toby Leung is already four months pregnant. Sources say Toby Leung has lessened the frequency of working out to nurse her pregnancy and has been traveling with her family.

Toby Leung is Having a Boy

Toby Leung Announces Pregnancy

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Toby Leung and Jonathan Sze Tied the Knot

When Oriental Daily News reached out to Toby Leung to comment on the pregnancy rumors, she said, “Who told you? I will alert you once I have good news.” (There are reports that you are already 4-5 months pregnant?) “There is such a rumor? Once I have good news, I will announce it!” However, when Toby Leung’s father was asked about his daughter’s pregnancy, he admitted to it and said, “Yes.” Toby Leung’s good friend, Angela Tong (湯盈盈), said, “Wait for her to announce the happy news. Give her some time.”

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