“Shanghai Fortress” Director Under Fire for Throwing Luhan Under the Bus

Shanghai Fortress Director Under Fire for Throwing Luhan Under the Bus

Luhan’s (鹿晗) new movie, “Shanghai Fortress” (上海堡垒) opened this month with a lot of hype beforehand due to the stellar cast. However, after the movie was in theaters, the word of mouth and box office results didn’t live up to the hype. The The ratings and box office performance had a sharp drop on Chinese movie sites after the first week of viewing. From then on, the ratings kept on decreasing. The director, Teng Huatao (滕华涛), recently made a remark about the disappointing results of the movie in an interview that has gotten Luhan fans and netizens furious.

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On Chinese film and tv review site, Douban, the movie ratings are currently at 3.2 out of 10 stars. When asked about the movie in a recent interview, Teng Huatao said he had no comment on Luhan’s acting skills. However, he also said this, “But I overlooked the difference in actor types. I used Luhan wrongly in a role that wasn’t suitable for him.”

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Teng Huatao also pointed out Luhan’s styling in the movie might have also contributed to the poor ratings. However, he also reiterated he wasn’t blaming Luhan and that he just didn’t consider whether the role was suitable for an idol like Luhan to portray. He also clarified that Luhan’s salary for this movie wasn’t high, shooting down rumors that he had accepted the role based on his high paycheck. Aside from miscasting Luhan as a commander in the role, many netizens also questioned the pairing of Luhan with Shu Qi (舒淇) as a couple in the movie. Luhan is 29 this year, while Shu Qi is 43.

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Once Teng Huatao’s remarks about Luhan were shared, many netizens felt it was wrong of him to throw Luhan under the bus for the movie’s failure. They left comments such as, “This really doesn’t have anything to do with the actor. It’s your movie’s logic and worldviews that are the problems. Don’t have your actors take the rap for it.”, “There is also an issue with script, okay?”, “Blaming the actor, what’s wrong with you?”. There were also comments supporting the director saying, “Luhan is really like this, doesn’t have much acting skills. The director chose the wrong person.”

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5 thoughts on ““Shanghai Fortress” Director Under Fire for Throwing Luhan Under the Bus

  1. To be honest I’ve mot yet watch this movie except the trailer and I thought it is good since Luhan & Shu Qi as a lead.

    When I saw too many negative comment about Luhan especially … I must say this is not fair to Luhan.

    As a director, he should know who and who is suitable for the role for this type of drama. I guess the director fail to do so.

    The director said, Luhan took small amount of money for this movie? What?! He must be joking. Is it insulting Luhan or what? So unprofessional of him.

    Comments on how Luhan look especially his hair… again, the Director not detail in terms of understand the script and the story line and at the same time he has a poor choice of selecting a costume consultant or stylist for this type of movie.

    I’m not so call fanatic fan of Luhan or Shu Qi but by pairing them … not an issue. It is a norm where young college student fall for an older woman and I believe Shu Qi at the age of 43, she’s still beautiful.

    Bottom line, it is not appropriate for the Director to blame Luhan or any other actors or actress for his movie fail. It is totally and 100% the Director’s fault. You are the one who direct the movie. You the one who agreed with the casting and ect. Therefore, the blame should go to you one and only you.

    Yes it is true, you have to take a break and go back to school. Learn more about making & direct movie. At the same time learn something about humanity. Learn how to accept your failer rather than turn to others.

    Take a break Director… you off the market now I believe.

  2. This director is really too funny, he stated before that he has seen luhan since 2014 and decided on him, praising him a lot in Back To Field but once the results were bad it’s suddenly luhan’s fault, on top of that, the most criticized thing about the movie was the plot/script/CGI/styling , for some reason it was all suddenly luhan’s fault and even this hypocrite director blamed him. I stand by jacky heung, “is he even a real director”

    1. I agree, actors can only do so much, if the script isn’t good and the direction is poor you can’t blame the actor. I’ve been watching all of LuHan’s films and he is very good especially when he has a good script.

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