Joel Chan is Getting Married in November

Joel Chan is Getting Married in November

TVB artist, Joel Chan (陳山聰), is getting married to his non-industry girlfriend, Apple, on November 1st. The two will be getting married at the W Hotel in Hong Kong. Joel Chan was married once before and had a high profile relationship with Macau heiress, Florinda Ho (何超雲), which didn’t end up so well as he nearly jeopardized his career while he was dating her. He met Apple, who is in the beauty industry, shortly afterwards and helped him get out of his darkest times.

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Apple is said to be Joel Chan’s lucky charm. After getting the Best Supporting Actor award in 2017, he ascended into leading male status in upcoming series “Golden Building” (金宵大廈) and “”Big Step Forward” (大步走)(temporary name). According to close friends, Apple is refined and gentle, a contrast from Joel Chan’s personality. Apple would often cook vegetarian meals for Joel Chan and prepare lunch boxes for him to eat while filming. Joel Chan is often posting baby pictures on social media and already has a few god children. It’s reported he once told a friend he wanted children.

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Joel Chan’s romantic history was quite vivid. In 2010, he was rumored to be dating a designer, (楊渡萍), who is 12 years his senior. They were dating for over 10 years already and looked to be headed towards marriage. However, in 2011, he was rumored to be dating Stanley Ho’s (何鴻燊) third wife’s daughter, Florinda Ho. They both denied it. During this time, it was also revealed Ponny and Joel Chan were married in 2008. After this, Joel Chan admitted to the marriage and that him and Ponny had already gotten divorced at the end of 2010. He emphasized the divorce wasn’t due to a third party.

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Florinda Ho and Joel Chan announced their relationship in August 2011 after uploading a picture with him and her family. The two were seen traveling to the UK together and would often be shown at family events with Florinda Ho’s family. The relationship lasted until 2013. Joel Chan even went to London to reconcile with Florinda Ho, but she refused. After a year of breaking up with Florinda Ho, he met Apple.

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Joel Chan is Getting Married in November - Joel Chan Florinda Ho

Good friend, Christine Ng (伍詠薇), gives Apple 100 points. She says, “She is really proper and generous. She takes care of Joel really well. Even though Joel has a slight temper, he still really dotes on Apple.” Christine Ng also reveals Joel Chan really likes children. Sharon Chan (陳敏之) said, “I want them to have kids sooner. Joel is always visiting my son. He really likes kids. He seems to like girls. He’s not young anymore. If he stalls any longer, I’m afraid he won’t have the energy.”

Credit: (1, 2), Joel Chan IG