Selena Lee Confident in Joel Chan Winning Best Actor Because of Vincent Wong

Selena Lee Confident in Joel Chan Winning Best Actor Because of Vincent Wong

The cast and crew of TVB’s recently aired series, “Barrack O’Karma” (金宵大廈), held its celebratory dinner on October 29. Aside from celebrating the finale episode reaching 29.7 points and the 7 day ratings averaging 31 points, it was also announced the sequel to “Barrack O’Karma” was happening. Joel Chan (陳山聰) was on stage and expressed, “It was my first time being the male lead in this series. Even though I might not have done my best, but I absolutely love this series a lot.”

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Talking about the sequel, Joel Chan expressed, “The resources must be good. Hope the story will be even better so actors can express more.” However, with Selena Lee (李施嬅) no longer with TVB, there is a possibility she might not be in the sequel. Joel Chan joked that it all depends on Selena Lee’s schedule and said, “I’ve actually said this before. Without Selena, I won’t film it.” As for Selena Lee, she said it’s not up to one person to decide, but she emphasized the second series has to be better than the original. The two also revealed they will be traveling to the US at the end of the year to perform.

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As its near awards season, Selena Lee expressed that Joel Chan will definitely win Best Actor in the future. Joel Chan remained humble saying he was already happy just being the male lead. Selena Lee said, “When we first started filming, I already told him, Vincent Wong’s first time being a male lead was filming “Brick Slaves” (樓奴) with me and now he’s a Best Actor. So your first time being a male lead was with me, so you will be a Best Actor in the future. You have a chance this year because you’re a hot favorite.” Joel Chan then starts telling Selena Lee she’ll also be the Best Actress, which she awkwardly says no.

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