Joel Chan Reveals Wedding Pictures, Responds to Shotgun Marriage Questions

Joel Chan Reveals Wedding Picture, Responds to Shotgun Marriage Questions

TVB actor, Joel Chan (陳山聰), is getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend, Apple, of five years on November 1. He will have a 10 table wedding banquet at a hotel in Hong Kong for family and close friends. Today, he shared a bunch of wedding pictures he and his wife took in France.

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He spoke to the media today about the pictures and said, “Actually, in these 5 years my wife and I dated, I’ve never done anything romantic for her. Now that we’re finally getting married, I really want to bring her to a romantic place to take pictures to make up for it. I hope it gives her a beautiful memory. France is what I believe to be a place every girl would like. In addition, my wife hasn’t been to France before, so I want to bring her there, take beautiful wedding pictures, and let it become our most beautiful, most unforgettable memory.”

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After Joel Chan’s very public break up with billionaire heiress, Florinda Ho (何超雲), he experienced setbacks in his career too as he neglected it during their relationship. At his lowest point, he met Apple. Joel Chan’s image was tarnished when he put his career to the side and for the way he reacted to the break up with Florinda Ho. As a result, he didn’t have work and so he decided to get a job in Sales that paid him $8,000 HKD a month. Apple stayed by his side and with her encouragement, he was able to get his feet back on the ground and start fresh.

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Shotgun marriage?

In the pictures that were revealed, Apple, is mostly shown from the waist up. There is one picture where her hand is on her stomach, leading the media to question whether they are having a shotgun marriage. Joel Chan responded to the question today and said, “Of course not. Don’t say she’s fat. She will be very hurt. She’s not even an artist. You guys are used to seeing Angelababy so you think her [waist] is thick. She only put her hand on her stomach. If she was pregnant, she’d be huge by now. How would she come out to see everyone.” When asked if he plans on having children, “I’ll leave it up to fate. If the heaven wants to give us one, we will happily accept.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Marie Claire IG