Zhang Yuxi and Kenji Chen Announce Break Up

Zhang Yuxi Announces Break Up with Kenji Chen

Chinese actress, Zhang Yuxi (张予曦), announced she and Taiwanese actor, Kenji Chen (陳柏融), have broken up on Weibo today. The two started dating in 2017 after working on the series, “My Little Princess” (亲爱的, 公主病). They disclosed their relationship in February 2017 when Zhang Yuxi uploaded a picture of them together on Weibo. The two of them would often post pictures of each other on Weibo and Instagram when they were dating.

Kenji Chen is the Breakout Star of “Fall in Love at First Kiss”

Zhang Yuxi’s break up post read: “Happiness truly existed before. Lucky to have experienced such sweet happiness. The journey is more precious to me than the ending. “Wan Zi” (Kenji Chen), goodbye. I hope we will be successful in the future.” It was discovered Zhang Yuxi had already unfollowed Kenji Chen with her private account. Back in June, she said this in a post: “No contact for two days. Once I try to contact, I can’t find him. These past three years have been bumpy. It’s quite hard to make any strides towards this bump.”

Kenji Chen followed up with his own post saying: “Thank you for letting me have such sweet happiness. Having passed by so many stops, once your companion gets off the car, it becomes gratitude. Even though it’s not easy, I hope we will get better. Goodbye “Xi Princess” (?), be cautious when you film, don’t try to be brave and get hurt.”

Zhang Yuxi Announces Break Up with Kenji Chen

Kenji Chen got noticed after starting as “Ah Jin” (阿金) in the movie “Fall in Love at First Kiss” (一吻定情). He had once revealed to ETtoday.net that it was Zhang Yuxi who helped him get the role of “Ah Jin.” After filming, “My Little Princess”, Kenji Chen mentioned the two would often meet up. There was a time he hit her up in the middle of the night asking if she wanted to watch a movie. He said, “After watching the movie, I asked her, “Do you like me?” She said, “like”, just like that.” Many netizens left comments such as, “I had once imagined how pretty your kids would look.”, “I don’t believe in love anymore.”, “Jiejie, you have to be happy.”, “It will get better from here on out.”

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