Kenji Chen is the Breakout Star of “Fall in Love at First Kiss”

Kenji Chen is the Breakout Star of Fall in Love at First Kiss

The highly anticipated Chinese movie, “Fall in Love at First Kiss” (一吻定情), a remake of the popular Taiwanese series, “It Started with a Kiss” (惡作劇之吻). premiered on Valentine’s Day with good results. The movie stars Taiwanese actor, Talu Wang (王大陸) and Chinese actress, Jelly Lin (林允) as the male and female leads respectively. However, the breakout star is Kenji Chen (陳柏融), who portrays second male lead, “Ah Jin” (阿金), and has a crush on Jelly Lin’s character, “Yuan Xiang Qin” (湘琴). Even though Kenji Chen is actually 35 this year, he can certainly pass off as a rebellious teenager. In certain angles, he resembles Japanese celebrity, Yamapi.

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After watching the movie, many female fans became instant fans of Kenji Chen. Many of them left comments such as “Kenji Chen’s portrayal of Ah Jin is so handsome. If it was me, I would choose him instead of Jiang Zhishu (江直樹).” to “I want to eat Ah Jin’s cooking.” Director Chen Yushan (陳玉珊) had once said no one else was more suitable person to portray this role than Kenji Chen.

When asked if he was just as crazy in love in real life, Kenji Chen shares his first crush was his an older female classmate from his school. At 16 years old, he would be waiting for her at the train station everyday in his uniform. Six months later, it was Christmas. He bought her a present preparing to confess to her. However, his crush thought he was a mischievous teenager. She just left, not even looking back at him. This left Kenji Chen really disappointed at the time.

Unfortunately, Kenji Chen is already taken. He is dating Chinese actress, Zhang Yuxi (张予曦), his co-star from Chinese series, “My Little Princess” (亲爱的公主病). It’s quite uncanny how the two of them resemble each other.

Credit:, Kenji Chen Weibo