Roy Wang Yuan Apologizes for Smoking Incident

Roy Wang Yuan Issues Apology for Smoking Incident

TFBoys’ Roy Wang Yuan’s (王源) smoking incident at a restaurant has been trending all over Weibo today. While many netizens were disappointed at his actions for moral reasons, Roy Wang Yuan actually violated the law. As it turns out, Beijing had already banned smoking indoors in public venues since 2015. The president of the “Beijing Tobacco Control Association” responded to the incident saying, “City of Beijing bans indoor smoking. The actions and demonstrations of public figures are very important. We hope you can respect your impact to society, face your mistake, take the initiative to admit fault and apologize, accept the penalties.” A representative from the local health department has stated they will be fining the restaurant where Roy Wang Yuan dined for not upholding the indoor smoking ban.

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Since the law is now involved, it prompted the idol to issue an apology:

In his post, it reads: “Sorry! This incident has made me deeply reflect on my behavior. Because of my actions, it has created harmful social impact. I am deeply sorry and ashamed. I am very sorry for being a bad example. I will bear all the responsibilities and penalties. As a public figure, I will definitely apologize to everyone once again. I will definitely use this experience to self reflect and become a better adult.”

What’s ironic is that Roy Wang Yuan once said in a magazine interview that he hoped his father would quit smoking. His band members, Karry Wang Junkai (王俊凯) once denounced smoking while Jackson Yi (易烊千玺) is an ambassador for tobacco control.

Credit:, Roy Wang Weibo (1, 2)