Bolin Chen Doesn’t Deny or Admit to Dating Popu Lady’s, Chen Ting Hsuan

Bolin Chen Doesn't Deny or Admit to Relationship with Popu Lady's, Chen Ting Hsuan

Bolin Chen (陳柏霖) was rumored to be dating Popu Lady member, Chen Ting Hsuan (陳庭萱), last month when Taiwanese paparazzi spotted them together with his family at an outing. The media said Chen Ting Hsuan was already “preparing to be the Chen family’s daughter in law.” Bolin Chen was at an event yesterday and when asked about being filmed eating with Chen Ting Hsuan and his family, he responded, “Actually, it was a lot of friends who went to have dinner. It’s just you guys didn’t film them.” As for how his parents viewed Chen Ting Hsuan, Bolin Chen said, “The feeling is pretty good.”

Is Bolin Chen Dating Popu Lady Member, Chen Ting Hsuan?

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Reporters also asked about his future plans on starting a family. He responded, “All my friends are getting married one by one. I can’t overlap the same dates as them. My high school classmate is getting married in these two months. My hair stylist is also getting married next year. I have to attend their weddings first and take some cues from them. If there is good news, I will share it with everyone.”

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When asked if he has discussed wedding plans with Chen Ting Hsuan, Bolin Chen laughed and expressed, “Not that fast. Didn’t discuss it before.” His younger sister just got married last year, so his parents didn’t rush him to get married. As for Lin Chiling and AKIRA’s surprise wedding announcement, Bolin Chen said he didn’t get an invitation, but said, “This type of sudden announcement feels pretty good.” On whether he would also go the flash marriage route, he said, “I don’t know either. It depends on the feeling.”

Credit: ETtoday, Bolin Chen Weibo, Chen Ting Hsuan IG

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